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Familiehuis Nunspeet - Verkoop

Kingfisher - small colour spectacle

Actually you can spot the kingfisher near Holiday park Familiehuis Nunspeet throughout the year.

But because of its great bright blue with orange color and its habitat, it suits the summer well. You can find this particular creature near the Bijsselse Brook meandering along Holiday Familiehuis Nunspeet to end at the Veluwe lake. It can hunt for tasty fish, often from a low branch that hangs over the water. He also often flies close to the water while calling out, which is your biggest chance to spot him. You will see a blue flash flying by, because it can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour. Kingfishers dig a hole in a steep bank to make their nest. Then the courtship starts, with the male giving the female a fish. If she accepts and eats it, the mating can begin. In this case the way to the heart of a woman is through her stomach.