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Familiehuis Nunspeet - Verkoop

Sale holiday homes increases again

Again more holiday homes have been sold compared to the previous year. In 2016 the increase was 20 percent. That this trend is continuing has to do with the low interest rates, according to the NVM.

Because saving barely earns anything, more people are choosing to invest their money in a second home.


Existing holiday homes are sold faster, but many new ones are also built. Last year twelve hundred recreation homes were built, the highest number this century.

Art village Nunspeet on The Veluwe is popular. The big demand from Germany and Belgium supports this.


In the regions with a scarce supply the prices are rising rapidly. On the Wadden Islands the average price for a holiday home is 300,000 Euro.


Nationally the average price of a recreation home lies well above 140,000 Euro. That is 4 percent higher than in 2015. In the top year 2008 this was around 170,000 Euro, almost 17 percent higher than in 2016.

Due to the increased demand the NVM expects that the average transaction price for recreation homes will continue rising the coming years, as long as the economic growth continues and the interest rates remain low.